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The company KazInvestSoy is steadily developing its activities in the field of agricultural goods trade. For many of our clients, we have become a reliable partner in agricultural and farming activities. Consultations of agronomists-consultants of KazInvestSoy are the guarantee of the acquisition of suitable varieties of seeds, means of protection, fertilizers and agricultural equipment. Our qualified consultants will always provide the necessary information and help you to make the right choice.

Due to the cooperation with manufacturers of high-quality products, our client always gets a stable result - an excellent harvest with high germination rates.



Agronomical consulting
of clients

An experienced staff of agronomists-consultants of KazInvestSoy Company will help you to select the appropriate agricultural products required for you.

- We will select for you highly effective fertilizers, their doses and terms of application depending on the crops grown, taking into account soil fertility and agrometeorological features of cultivation.

- We will help you to choose agricultural equipment, depending on the area of ​​your backyard plot, the purpose of use and the type of cultivated plants.

- Agronomists of KazInvestSoy visit farms to provide consulting services for the rational use of our products directly in the fields of the buyer.

- We set up production experiments on the basis of agricultural enterprises to confirm the agronomic and economic efficiency of KazInvestSoy products, choosing the specialists to conduct the experiments throughout the entire period.


Long-term work in the Kazakhstan market of agriculture of each employee of our company has formed a cohesive team of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of their business.

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is a reliable partner

  • The only supplier of "Life Force" fertilizers in Kazakhstan

    In Kazakhstan we are the only supplier of "Life Force" fertilizers and products for the soil and plants: soil amendments, potassium humates, germination capacity stimulators, anti-stress biostimulants, metabolic growth activators and yield class optimizers produced from natural humic acids.

    With the help of “Life Force" fertilizers you can easily solve the problems associated with the depletion of soil fertility, dehumification and the humus disbalance.

  • Individual approach to each client

    A special direction of our activity is agronomic consulting of clients. Agronomists-consultants of KazInvestSoy monitor the condition of the fields, develop optimal protection schemes using the “Force of Life” fertilizers and plant protection products.

    We also provide other assistance you need in the cultivation of crops.

  • Everything you need to get a good harvest

    Here you can purchase everything you need to get a high-quality crop: seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products and even agricultural equipment.

    We will help you to choose agricultural equipment, depending on the area of ​​your backyard plot, the purpose of use and the type of cultivated plants. We have only RELIABLE equipment at an AFFORDABLE price!!!


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Dear manufacturers of agricultural products! The KazInvestSoy Company offers services in promotion of your goods in the territory of Kazakhstan. We are building our business in such a way that our customers need our products and services all the time. An important area of ​​our activity is agronomic consulting of clients to ensure the further correct application of products purchased.
Our goal is continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided, as well as maximum satisfaction of the requirements of our customers. Due to the professionalism of KazInvestSoy employees, all new products very fast began popular.
  • We systematically monitor the trends of the agronomic market, promptly and flexibly responding to its changes in order to provide the most effective solutions to our customers.
  • Our main mission is to enable a large number of consumers to use high-quality and affordable agricultural products.
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If you have long been interested in the distribution of agricultural products in the market of Kazakhstan, and you do not know how to enter it quickly and efficiently, then we are waiting for your offers and requests.