Why choose KazInvestSoy?


The only supplier of "Life Force" fertilizers in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan we are the only supplier of "Life Force" fertilizers and products for the soil and plants: soil amendments, potassium humates, germination capacity stimulators, anti-stress biostimulants, metabolic growth activators and yield class optimizers produced from natural humic acids.

With the help of “Life Force" fertilizers you can easily solve the problems associated with the depletion of soil fertility, dehumification and the humus disbalance.


Individual approach to each client

A special direction of our activity is agronomic consulting of clients. Agronomists-consultants of KazInvestSoy monitor the condition of the fields, develop optimal protection schemes using the “Force of Life” fertilizers and plant protection products.

Consultations of agronomists-consultants of KazInvestSoy are the guarantee of the acquisition of suitable varieties of seeds, means of protection, fertilizers and agricultural equipment. Our qualified consultants will always provide the necessary information and help you to make the right choice.


We only have RELIABLE equipment at an AFFORDABLE price.

We will help you to choose agricultural equipment, depending on the area of ​​Your backyard plot, the purpose of use and the type of cultivated plants.

Due to the cooperation with manufacturers of high-quality products, our client always gets a stable result - an excellent harvest with high germination rates.

We offer you partnership

If you have long been interested in the distribution of agricultural products in the market of Kazakhstan, and you do not know how to enter it quickly and efficiently, then we are waiting for your offers and requests.